Brooke Burke-Charvet Talks Thyroid Cancer Surgery: It Was A Success

Brooke burke thyroid cancer surgery


After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer only one month ago, Brooke Burke-Charvet underwent a thyroidectomy today, and is now opening up about the procedure.

"Thank God it's over,” Brooke, 41, tweeted post-operation. “I'm clean, surgery went well and I can talk. Losing my voice was my biggest fear. Thanks for all your prayers and light."

And while the surgery was a success, it will be an uphill battle for the Dancing With The Stars host, who confirmed she was feeling emotionally and physically exhausted afterwards.

“Feels like I got his by a car,” she tweeted. But we have no doubt Brooke will do everything in her power to bounce back.

VIDEO: Brooke Burke-Carvet Announces Cancer

The star first announced the news of her cancer via YouTube, where she explained the procedure she would be having today.

“I need to have a thyroidectomy, which means that I’m going to have a nice big scar right here across my neck,” she announced in the video. “I never ever ever thought I was going to get that phone call with bad news. I’m going to be a really good patient and I’m going to do everything that I need to do.”

Now that the hard part is over, the mother of two anticipates a speedy recovery.

"I think I've been dealing with it so much the past couple months that now I'm ready to just get it done and put this behind me,” she blogged prior to the procedure. “My only need is being OK for my husband and my children so they don't have to go through any pain and making this as easy as possible for them."

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