Brittny gastineau black eye

“The Photos Look Like
a Murder Scene” :
Brittny Gastineau
“Thought She Was Going
to Die”: Attacker Did
Not Act in Self
Defense (Source)


Shortly after Brittny Gastineau surfaced with a black eye and bruises on her face, the lawyer of her alleged attacker—a former flame and street artist named Marquis Lewis who goes by Retna—told the press it was a “mutual” attack, Retna was acting in self-defense, he himself sustained injuries and everything was "cool" between the couple.

But on the same day disturbing pictures were published of the bloody, smashed-up hotel room where the alleged attack took place, a source has come forward to tell In Touch exactly what happened that night.

Brittny Gastineau

“Brittny Gastineau thought she was going to die,” a source close to the seriously injured starlet said.

“She was scared to death and was beaten by a man twice her size, this was a traumatic incident and it will take her time to recover," the source claims.

The insider also details just how horrific the scene was after the confrontation.

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“The photos reveal blood-smeared walls and shattered glass in the room where Brittny was brutally attacked. The photos look like a murder scene,” the source claims.

“Brittny’s black eye is just one of the multiple injuries she sustained, she was covered in multiple lacerations and contusions. She was brutally beaten, glass was broken over her head and she had to go to the emergency room.”

Brittny Gastineau

When speaking to TMZ, Retna’s lawyer, Michael Goldstein, described the incident as “mutual” and insisted his client was “defenseless” as he was recovering from a recent surgery.

But the source claims to In Touch that this is a far cry from the nightmare Brittny experienced.

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“Mutual combat takes place between two men, ultimate fighters in the boxing ring, and not between a man and a defenseless woman,” the source says.

“Brittny is still in a state of shock after being savagely beaten, cut and dragged all over a hotel room leaving blood splattered all over,” the source explains.

“She feels lucky to be alive.”