Brittny gastineau black eye

Brittny Gastineau’s
Ex-Boyfriend Shares
His Take On the Attack
- Lawyer Says "They're


Onlookers were shocked when Brittny Gastineau stepped out earlier this week sporting a black eye and bruises all over her face. And now her attacker—ex-boyfriend Marquis Lewis, an accomplished street artist who goes by the name Retna—is sharing his side of the story.

According to his lawyer, Michael Goldstein, the famed artist had surgery last Monday (June 2), prompting his ex, the former reality star, to visit the following day (June 3). Once they were together, however, they got in a heated argument—that quickly turned physically violent.

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Mr. Goldstein insists his client was almost defenseless, as he was still recovering. But that didn’t stop the situation from escalating—and they both ended up seriously injured in the confrontation.

“Retna was not the aggressor,” the lawyer tells TMZ, adding there’s no bad blood between the exes.

“They’re cool with each other.”