Brittny gastineau

"I'll Stone You To
Death": Brittny
Gastineau's Attacker
Has History of
Violence (REPORT)


Just one day after InTouch revealed that Brittny Gastineau feared for her life when she was allegedly attacked by former boyfriend Marquis Lewis last month, it has been reported the street artist has a history of violence.

After Brittny stepped out with a black eye and cuts on her face this week, Lewis - who goes by the name Retna - was quick to release a statement blaming her for starting the fight and claiming to have sustained similar injuries.

But TMZ reports today that he has been accused of 2 other violent confrontations in the past 2 years.

Brittny Gastineau

In 2012, Retna was charged with 3 counts of battery after a violent outburst at an art gallery in L.A. According to one of the alleged victims, he punched two of the employees in the head, left the gallery and then came back later and hit another one.

Then in July of 2013, he allegedly harassed 2 other art gallery employees. According to the restraining order he was later issued with (which was obtained by TMZ) Retna ripped and destroyed paintings with knives and beer bottles and threatened the staff.

More From Retna’s Lawyer on the Brittny Gastineau Attack

An employee also claims he tried to strangle him and said, "Next time I see you I'm going to take your TONGUE out of your mouth n wrap it around your neck and staple ur ass to the backboard n charge the kids in the neighborhood 25 cents. To throw rocks at ur some n stone u to death [sic]. Booyah."

Friend Reveals Brittny Gastineau Feared For Her Life During Attack

A source told InTouch yesterday that reports the attack was "mutual" and Retna acted in self defense were not true.

“Brittny Gastineau thought she was going to die. She was scared to death and was beaten by a man twice her size, this was a traumatic incident and it will take her time to recover," a source close to the seriously injured starlet claimed.

"She was brutally beaten, glass was broken over her head and she had to go to the emergency room.”