Oops... She Did It
Again!: Britney
Spears Accidentally
Dines and Dashes —
Plus 6 Other Stars
Caught Stealing!

Britney Spears is worth more than $200 million dollars—but she made headlines earlier this week when she skipped out on a $30 bill at a Cheesecake Factory in California!

The 32-year-old said she accidentally forgot to pay for the meal she enjoyed with her boyfriend David Lucado—and while “forgetting to pay” sounds like the worst on-the-spot excuse for dining and dashing, it’s also perfectly fitting for Brit Brit…

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According to TMZ, the Pop Princess was confronted with a check at the end of Sunday’s lunch, at which point she told the waitress her security guard would take care of the bill. Only the security guard thought she was paying.


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Luckily, Britney made it right with the wait staff and returned—not only with the 30 bucks to cover her food, but an extra $100 to tip!

Unfortunately, the songstress hasn’t always made it right when it comes to taking things without paying! Learn about her history of sticky fingers—and check out six other famous shoplifters.