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Britney's parents
granted control over
their daughter


Britney Spears’ parents have won round one of their war with their daughter’s controversial confidant Sam Lutfi to gain control of the singer, who is currently undergoing analysis in the psychiatric unit of the UCLA Medical Center.

Commissioner Reva Goetz made Brit’s dad, Jamie Spears, and family attorney Andrew Wallet conservators over her estate. She also granted the right to get restraining orders against “persons they deem dangerous or harmful." A restraining order was immediately issued against Lutfi. "Because of the seriousness of Miss Spears' condition, I think it’s necessary these orders are granted," said Commissioner Goetz.

Lynne Spears let out a sigh of relief on hearing the decision in Los Angeles Superior Court. “The parents wanted Sam out of the picture and that’s what they got,” a family friend tells In Touch. “This is exactly what they were hoping for.”

The ruling means Britney’s parents can move in to her home, can make any and all people move out, change locks, cancel all credit cards and revoke all powers of attorney.

Attorney Blair Berk, who is representing the Spears family, was also present during the proceedings and sat with her arm around Jamie. The two were engaged in deep conversation. Burke also represented Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson during their DUI cases last year.

The ruling is effective and will be re-evaluated on Monday, February 4. The next hearing in the long-running child custody case between Britney and ex-husband Kevin Federline is on February 22.

“It is hopeful that with the help of her family and the current temporary conservatorship in place, Britney will be able to get healthy quickly so that she can prove to the court that she is serious about being mother to her boys and will act in their best interest,” celebrity family law attorney Goldie Schon tells In Touch. She adds of Commissioner Goetz: “She was a family law judge for a long time and therefore is well equipped to make these decisions for the family to protect Britney from herself. The judge found, in effect, that Lutfi has been harassing Britney - thus the civil harassment restraining order.”