Britney, Beyoncé and
Gaga get shot! Double
Exposure stars tell


The stars are on both sides of the camera on Bravo’s new reality show Double Exposure (premiering Tuesday, June 15, at 10 p.m. ET), which follows the artistic adventures of famous photography team (and former lovers) Markus Klinko and Indrani. Along with their stylist GK Reid, Markus and Indrani shared the stories behind some of their most iconic images with In Touch. After the jump, how Beyoncé got into Markus’ pants before he fell in love with Britney and went Gaga...


Beyoncé got into Markus’ pants — literally
Markus: This is probably our most recognizable image that we’ve ever taken because it was obviously Beyoncé’s first solo album cover.
Indrani: The first concepts had Beyoncé very covered up and proper, wearing beautiful long gowns, and we didn’t really think that they conveyed who she was. She’s got such a strong spirit and she’s so grounded and there’s something incredibly luminous about her. We really wanted to create an image that reflected those qualities. Amongst the styling, there was this piece that was made out of stones that was actually in pretty poor shape — it had about half as many stones as the final result — and it was very heavy and uncomfortable. We talked her into trying it and she was amazing. She was ready to try it even though it was awkward and uncomfortable.
Markus: Plus it didn’t cover anything! She was pretty much topless on the actual set.
Indrani: It came with a long skirt…
Markus: Yes. She said, “I just don’t like the skirt.” So I said, “Why don’t you wear jeans?” She said, ”We don’t have any.” (It was styled by her mom, not GK.) So I suggested, “Why don’t you wear my jeans?” She said, “Cool.” I took my pants off, she put them on…
Indrani: So she really got into Markus’ pants!
Markus: She got into my pants. We’ve been joking about it with her ever since. We’ve worked with her many times through the years —from Pepsi to L’Oreal — and she’s always very sweet and humble. Pretty much every time we talk about the jeans moment. She’d kept the jeans for a while and at some point she FedEx’d them back and she said, “Please don’t sell them on eBay!” It was quite funny.

Britney0615.jpg Markus falls in love with Britney
Markus: That’s an outtake from the magic garden. Britney’s people called literally 36 hours before the photo shoot and she had all of these extremely elaborate ideas. The shoot was meant to be a photobook for her Onyx Hotel tour, but it’s transcended into so many applications over the years. Images were used for merchandise, many, many magazine covers, and another outtake became a single cover. And Elizabeth Arden used two images for the campaign for Britney’s perfume, Midnight Fantasy. Indrani: We built the whole garden in our studio. Britney was working on such a crazy schedule. She had been filming videos the whole day from 5 o’clock in the morning, and by the time she’d come to our shoot it was 11:00 at night, but she just kept going until 3 o’clock in the morning with us. She was amazing, with her professionalism and hard work. The magic garden, the ice palace, the fantasy — these were her ideas that originated with her. The ice palace, they were inspirations that came from her and, of course, we took it and gave it our spin and interpretation.
Markus: She was fantastic. I think it was shortly before she met her husband-to-be [Kevin Federline].
Indrani: Markus had totally fallen in love with her at this shoot and he was very disappointed.
Markus: I definitely had a major crush on her. Sometimes, I think, what would’ve happened if…?

LadyGaga0615.jpg Lady Gaga wears Kitty litter
Markus: We were talking to Hello Kitty about doing a shoot for Hello Kitty and at the same time we had been in discussion with Gaga’s record label to work with her, as well. At some point I had the idea to suggest to Hello Kitty, what if Hello Kitty hired Gaga to be a spokesmodel for Hello Kitty? The shoot in London that created this picture is one of those wonderful moments where everything lined up.
GK Reid: I said to Markus and Indrani, “Let’s make her into Manga!” Gaga has a strong sense of vision and who she wants to be and how she wants to present herself, but she really kind of threw herself in our hands for this shoot. I hadn’t worked with her before — and I knew that I needed to pull out all the stops. I was really trying to figure, what can I do that’s special so that people are going to remember this moment? So the pressure was on.
Indrani: We only had three hours with Gaga. I really wanted to bring out the symbolism, so I chose to shoot at this Masonic temple because of the rich, occult, different layers of history it conveyed. Somehow it all came together at the last minute. The Kittys didn’t arrive until Gaga arrived — they were stuck in customs! So GK had this huge box of stuffed animals…
GK: I’m actually really thrilled with the way it came out and I know that Gaga was. And though there were definitely a few pinpricks with the needles and the thread, I can also say that all the Kittys came out smiling and happy — I think they were actually thrilled to work with Gaga, too!