Brit wins one in court


After scheduling - and showing up for - an emergency custody hearing yesterday, Britney Spears was granted overnight visits with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden. According to court spokesman Allan Parachini, "Ms. Spears did speak (at the hearing) and her voice was soft and respectful." Britney still has to have a monitor supervise the overnight visits and one of her lawyers suggested Brit's mother, Lynne, since the pair had reconciled over the weekend. That request, however, was turned down. Kevin Federline's attorney said that they were satisfied with the new arrangement. "Kevin has always been willing to jointly parent these children," said Kevin's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan. "Kevin agreed that he would allow additional time to be expanded into the order, provided that the kids (were properly) protected." Britney must continue to follow court orders on taking random drug tests and attending parenting classes and coaching.