Brit and Paris are
naughty; Angelina's


The kids have called it: Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are the naughtiest of them all when it comes to Santa's naughty and nice list. More than 1,100 kids ages 2-17 voted in a poll conducted by E-Poll Market Research, and Britney topped the naughty list, followed closely by Paris, for "not listening to parents," "being mean and bullying" and "being snobby." And who were the nice ones? Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana and Angelina Jolie for "being honest and polite," "cleaning and doing chores" and "sharing." But Brit and Paris shouldn't worry — the kids feel that even these naughty girls deserve "another chance to do good next year." Just remember to do your chores next year, girls!