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Bravo’s The New
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This is no Real Housewives of Atlanta!

If you’re a Bravo junkie (and let’s admit it - most of us are), you definitely want to start tuning into the newest addition to their roster of reality TV hits, The New Atlanta.

This young, beautiful and up-and-coming cast give you a glimpse of Atlanta you’ve never seen before. The cast is comprised of three beautiful women (Alex, Emily and Africa) and two handsome men (Vawn and Tribble) who are all ready to bring the drama as they strive for success in the South.

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In the first episode, which aired last Tuesday, we saw that cast members Alex Dilworth and Emily Lipman are sure to be butting heads all season. While Alex admits she wants nothing more than to be a trophy wife, hard-working business owner Emily makes it clear she does not agree with that lifestyle choice during a heated argument between the two.

In Touch caught up with both of these Southern spitfires, who explained why they might never, ever be friends.

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“I don’t understand why somebody would want to be a trophy wife. I think if I hear the word ‘trophy wife’ one more time, I might actually lose my mind,” Emily laments to the mag. “That’s truly how Alex feels. That is what she wants and for me, I come from a family that has taught me to earn your own money. I work hard for my money because I know that it doesn’t grow on trees.”

Emily, who owns her own clothing store, Raw Denim Boutique, in Atlanta says the solution to her problem with Alex could be simple. “She just wants to live off of some guy’s money for the rest of her life. She could get a job, too, and work for money but that’s not what she wants,” she shares. 

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion - and Alex made sure to make her message clear.

“I want to be a voice for women who don’t necessarily want to be independent, who are all about their husbands and their families,” says the psychology major. “I’m sticking up for the woman who does want to be a housewife.”

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Adds Alex: “I found that Emily has worked very hard for her business, so when she met me and heard what I had to say, it rubbed her the wrong way.”

When asked if she thinks they have a shot at friendship, Alex replied, “Emily just comes on very, very strong. She has a very strong personality and it definitely can be a lot. Keep watching to see what happens!”

To see if Emily and Alex can work through their problems, tune into The New Atlanta, airing Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on Bravo!