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The romance in Atlanta is heating up!

With a cast as hot as The New Atlanta’s, it’s no surprise that cupid’s arrow has hit a few in the crew - namely, the gorgeous Africa Miranda and smooth-talkin’ Vawn Sims

From the very first episode, the line that separates Africa and Vawn’s relationship from “working” and “romantic” has always seemed a little blurred. While Vawn tries to help Africa make her signing dreams a reality, this TV twosome’s energy seems a little more than friendly.

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In Touch caught up with both Africa and Vawn, who dished on why it’s hard to balance a working relationship while crushing on your cast mate. 

“For any good relationship, whether it’s romantic or a working relationship, you need chemistry and with Vawn, I definitely have that,” Africa tells In Touch. “But it also makes me nervous, because when you have chemistry like that with someone of the opposite sex, things can escalate. Chemistry can be dangerous.”

Throughout their flirtations, Africa is still unsure what to consider Vawn. 

“With Vawn, it’s hard to say what we are,” Africa says. “He’s my friend, but he’s also something more. Vawn is many things to me.”

Though complicated, Vawn shares the same love for his co-star.

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 “When Africa and I first met each other, it was strictly business in the beginning. But as it went on, I just noticed that I had a lot of fun being around her,” he tells the mag. “She’s a very attractive girl also, so that combination made us interested in each other on other levels. Right now, we’re still taking our time getting to know each other.”

So will they ever be able to make it official?

“There’s this gray area. Are we friends or something more?” Vawn wonders. “While we’re figuring it out, I’m enjoying a little kiss here and there. It’s easy right now, but I’m sure it can get complicated. I’m really taking my time.”

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 As we’ve seen in episodes past, Vawn has also laid his charm on another New Atlanta hottie, Alex Dilworth. Even if that’s causing tension with Africa, Vawn explains that Alex isn’t the only reason they haven’t committed to each other, yet.

“I need to figure out what she’s looking for before I can even figure out if I’m available to give her what she needs,” he says.

To see Africa and Vawn’s relationship unfold, watch the clip below—and be sure to tune in to an all new episodes of The New Atlanta, airing every Tuesday at 10 p.m. on Bravo!