Brandi glanville assistant dog

Brandi Glanville Fires
Assistant; Accuses Her
of Losing Her
"Missing" Dog


Less than one week after Brandi Glanville suffered a home invasion and her beloved dog Chica went missing, the Beverly Hills housewife has fired her assistant— and is blaming the 23-year-old for the missing pooch!

Following the alleged burglary, the former model said she would not blame her right-hand woman, who was the last person to be with the Chihuahua before it disappeared.

But that was then.

Brandi Glanville Gets New Dog Days After Hers Goes Missing

"I no longer work for Brandi. She texted me [Saturday] saying that I didn’t do my job by losing the dog," the young woman told TMZ of her former boss.

And the assistant, who claims she went to extremes to make sure Chica was safe — closing the windows, locking all doors, etc.— claims Brandi owes her over $1,000 for two weeks’ work.

But Brandi says the check is in the mail and that she believes the whole thing was a hoax for the assistant to cover up the fact that she lost the dog.

Brandi Offers $10,000 Reward For Return of Her Missing Dog

"I did what I had to do,” Brandi says. “If I can't trust her with my dogs, how can I trust her with my kids?"

It’s rather suspicious that nothing else from the home was taken during the break-in, but do you think Brandi’s assistant lied? Sound off in comments!