Brad's angry over
Angelina's broken


Brad Pitt finally has the family he's always dreamed of, now he'd like to settle down. But his partner, Angelina Jolie, doesn't want to. According to an insider, Brad's repeatedly asked Angelina to stay in one place for the good of their kids. But it's never happened, and it's starting to really affect their children. Since his birth, oldest son Maddox has lived in 15 homes all over the world - including Paris, Prague, LA, New Orleans, Berlin, Namibia and India! "Maddox is never in one home or one school long enough to develop any friendships," says an insider. This is not the life that Brad envisioned for the boy he now calls his son, but Angie feels settling in at one place isn't as important as showing Maddox and their other children the world.

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