Brad pitt oscar dog poop

“I Cleaned Up Dog Poop
In My Bedroom”: Brad
Pitt Reveals His Dirty
Little Secret About
Getting Ready for The


When you look at a superstar like Brad Pitt, it’s hard to imagine his life being anything but luxurious—but it turns out it’s not always so glamorous!

The 50-year-old actor, whose movie 12 Years a Slave took home top prize of Best Picture at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, revealed to reporters backstage that he has to deal with the same crap that you or I do—literally!

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“I cleaned up dog poop this morning, in my bedroom,” the always-handsome Brad revealed when asked what he did to get ready that day.

LOL! Well, we must say—that is definitely one of the most unusual ways we’ve heard of a star getting ready for Hollywood’s big night!

And we really, really hope he washed his hands before he served pizza to Meryl Streep!