Bobbi kristina engaged whitney houston

Bobbi Kristina: Mom
Whitney Houston 'Would
Be Very Happy’ With


Despite getting so much heat about her engagement, Bobbi Kristina tells In Touch that she and Nick would have mom Whitney's approval.
At The Houstons: On Our Own Premiere Party In New York City, Whitney Houston’s newly engaged daughter Bobbi Kristina opened up about her romantic relationship with her adopted brother Nick Gordon.
The 19-year-old says she sees the family’s upcoming show as a sort of present for her late mother, before adding that “there are many more gifts to come.”
So is Bobbi Kristina referring to her recent engagement?

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When asked if the “I Have Nothing” singer would be happy to see the pair together, Bobbi Kristina confessed to In Touch that her mom would be thrilled for her and Nick.
“She would be very, very happy,” she said of having her mother’s blessing. “Our family stuck together through it all. We’re all still a big family. We’re all still one family.”

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The Houstons: On Our Own premiered October 24 on Lifetime.