Blake shelton miranda lambert baby

Blake Shelton and
Miranda Lambert:
Planning to Adopt a


Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton might be looking to raise some country kiddies of their own!

On last night’s episode of The Voice, Blake hinted at the fact he and his wife may adopt a baby in the near future— but whether or not he was joking to lure a contestant onto his team is yet to be determined.  

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“Miranda and I were talking about, maybe we should adopt,” Blake said to Savannah Berry after she performed Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound.” “And it’s interesting that now you’re here and it’s almost like your family to me, and you’re 17, a very adoptable age.”

But before the “Sure Be Cool If You Did” singer offered to raise the hopeful, he mentioned that he and Miranda recently had dinner with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, who just gave birth in December. Savannah also happens to know Jennifer since her cover of the duo's song "Stuck Like Glue" won her a performance with the pair during the ACM Awards.

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Her Swift cover was so riveting that she won over three of the coaches: Adam, followed by Shakira and, eventually, Blake.  “She doesn’t need parenting, she needs coaching!” Adam yelled at Blake, before Shakira shot them both down. "These two guys: three seasons already. They’re jaded. They’re almost deaf. You wanna be with someone who’s fresh. Who’s hungry. I’m hungry,” she said.

Naturally, Savannah— who previously performed with Sugarland and considers Miranda one of her role models— chose to join Team Blake.

Check out Savannah's version of "Safe and Sound" below to see the performance that won Blake over: