Bill hader

Bill Hader Talks
‘Cloudy With a
Chance,’ Life After
SNL and Stefon’s Love

Courtesy of Empire State Building

Do you love dancing with fruits and getting high?

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update City Correspondent Stefon caught up with In Touch­ about his favorite NYC destination—well, sort of.

On Sept. 25, In Touch met with Bill Hader, atop the Empire State Building, where he was joined by the characters from his latest flick, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2; we chatted about his kids, life after SNL and—of course—Stefon!

Bill’s upcoming animated sequel may be aimed at kids, but he told In Touch that three-year-old daughter Hannah wasn’t impressed with his performance.

“I’ll read the book to my oldest girl and she likes the book a lot, she likes the movie, but she won’t accept that that’s me in the movie,” he explained. “I’ll say, ‘That’s Daddy!’ and she’ll say, ‘No, that’s Flint Lockwood… that’s a character, Dad.’ So I don’t want to push it any further.”

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His little girl definitely isn’t old enough to watch SNL—which may be a good thing, since he is constantly playing different characters. Unfortunately, Bill’s 8-year tenure as a cast member came to an end last season.

He admitted to In Touch that there are some characters he’s sad to leave behind—like the infamous clubber Stefon and Herb Welch, “the old jerk news reporter”—but admitted that he hopes this isn’t the end of his time on SNL.

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“They’ve been so nice [about] having people come back and doing nice things,” he said. “So hopefully they’ll let me come back.”

 At least viewers got a happy ending for Stefon—or so we thought!

A final sketch revealed Stefon marrying Seth Meyers, but the soon-to-be Late Night host actually tied to the knot to his long-time girlfriend this summer.

“That was weird,” Bill laughed. “I don’t know how Stefon is going to deal with that.”

While Stefon may be speechless, Bill—who married his writer wife Maggie Carey in 2006 did have words of wisdom to offer his newlywed pals, Seth and also fellow SNL alum Andy Samberg.

“Just say yes to everything your wife asks you do,” he joked. “Your life will be so much easier if you just say yes!”