Mayim bialik book launch

'Big Bang Theory' Star
Mayim Bialik: Reading
'Eating Animals' Made
Me Become A Vegan


While promoting her new book Mayim’s Vegan Table at Blossom on Carmine, Mayim Bialik told In Touch all about her decision to go vegan.

Growing up in San Diego in the 70s and 80s, Mayim mentioned it never occurred to her to become a vegan during her teen years.

“You eat what's on your plate and you don't complain—there's food on the table!” she said. “Then I cut out dairy in college and I've never had a sinus infection since.”

Twenty years later, Bialik stuck to a vegetarian diet until one book made her a vegan for life—changing her eating habits completely.

“I read 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer and then that was the end of it,” the 38-year-old Big Bang Theory actress said after reading the anti-meat book.

After being a full vegan for six years, Mayim—who also has a PhD in neuroscience—has been able to train herself to realize what’s good and what’s bad for her body.

“The notion is it's not really about labels. It's more about increasing our palette and teaching our mouth what food actually tastes like,” she added, “and teaching our bodies and our brains to appreciate food in a simpler form.”

At the restaurant for her book launch where she had been drinking Organic Gemini coconut water, Bialik discussed how her book is different from other celebrity cookbooks.

“It's the things that I most often make for vegans and non-vegans,” she explained.

“The goal was not to do a celebrity cookbook but to present the recipes I actually make as a mom, for the non-vegans in my life, the stuff they ask for more of.”