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Drama: Beyonce Too
Good For Destiny's
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Fighting With Nicki
Minaj? See the MTV
Video Music Awards
Seating Chart

The MTV Video Music Awards are just hours away, and we are now getting a look at the seating chart for the evening, and it looks like there is gonna be some drama tonight! And isn't that really what we were all hoping for?

Let's start with Nicki Minaj, who is sitting next to Miley Cyrus. That sounds great, right? Those two girls are friends, aren't they? Turns out maybe not so much, especially as Nicki possibly feels Miley was mocking her when she posted her own version of Nicki's cover art for her song "Anaconda":

Nicki responded to this by tweeting:

Now we are not totally sure if that means she loved it or hated it, but Miley may want to be careful.

Next up we have the amazing Sam Smith, who clearly pissed off someone at MTV as they sat the openly gay singer next to the openly homophobic Chris Brown. At least we know Chris has heard Sam's song, and made his own version:

What a charmer!

And last, but never least, we have Beyonce. She is getting the Vanguard Award tonight and nominated in every category, so this is basically her ceremony. And she was kind enough to invite those two girls she used to hang out with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who she had seated as far away as possible.

Guess that kills those rumors of a reunion.

The question now is where will Jay Z sit? And will he even show up? The suspense is killing us!

h/t: Mashable