Beyoncé Reportedly
Earned an Estimated
$6,507 per Hour Last
Year – Plus 7 Other
Celebrity Paychecks

The federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.25. According to one estimation, Beyoncé earned $6,507 per hour last year—and that’s not just for 40 hours a week!

According to Parade magazine, the 32-year-old songstress took home an estimated $57 million last year alone—thanks to her ultra successful world tour, The Mrs. Carter Show, and her secretly released eponymous album, which became the fastest-selling album in iTunes history despite having no pre-publicity.

The numbers were crunched as part of the mag’s annual “What People Earn” issue—due out on stands this weekend.

We collected some of the most interesting facts about celebrity’s paychecks—check it out!

(P.S. While you were reading this, Bey probably made at least a hundred bucks).