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Beyoncé Receives
Backlash After Posing
With a Recreation of
The Last Supper on


Just hours after she apologized for “insensitively” using an audio sample from the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, Beyoncé has come under fire yet again.

This time for posting a picture on her instagram that features Bey posing in front of a modern take on Leonardo DaVinci’s iconic painting of The Last Supper; only this time it’s the 32-year-old- starlet—not Jesus—taking center stage. 

In the picture, Bey is wearing a fitted, lime-green skirt and a bustier-style, yellow and orange tank and sitting on the counter at Jugo Fresh, a juicery in Miami.

Fans are having mixed reactions to Bey’s decision to imitate an iconic piece of art and religious symbol.

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“Beyoncé is too freakin’ cocky putting herself in the middle representing Jesus,” one commenter wrote on the pic.

Another added, “Disrepectful? Jesus and his chums would love it if Bey was there with them because that would be impossible because that would mean they would already be in heaven.”

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Yesterday, Bey issued a statement apologizing for including an audio clip from the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster—a horrific event that claimed the lives of 7 astronauts in 1986; she explained that she meant no harm, and only included the track to send a powerful message and pay tribute to those lost.

Do you think we’ll be hearing from Bey about the “disrespectful” instagram shot? Sound off in the comments!