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Beyoncé Invites a
13-Year-Old Blind Fan
to Sing Along With Her
At Australia Concert

Getty Images

We can feel her halo, halo, halo!

Seriously, if you ever had any doubt that Beyoncé is the closest thing that we currently have to an angel on Earth—you’re about to be reminded why she’s not just an amazing performer, but an amazing person too!

On Nov. 10, Queen Bey, 32, was in Perth, Australia for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, when she invited a 13-year-old blind fan, named Sophie, to sing with her! You know, because Facetiming and taking selfies while on stage aren’t enough!

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After Sophie introduced herself to the crowd, Beyoncé told the teen that she wasn’t done with her quite yet!

“Sophie, I think I need you to help me sing this song,” the Texas-born superstar exclaimed. “You think you can sing, ‘To the left?’”

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She did, and Beyoncé and fans joined Sophie in singing the opening to her hit song, “Irreplaceable.” The incredible moment was made possible, thanks her older sister, Ellie, who wanted her little sis to have the same experience as everyone else.

“She’s never really been able to go to a concert due to logistical reasons so I made a video about Sophie,” Ellie told Perth Now. “Even with everything that she’s been through, she’s able to do so much. She raised over $1,000 for people with MS. I put that all in the video and I just said that I think someone as amazing as Sophie deserves to meet someone as amazing as [Beyoncé].”

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Ellie called the experience “amazing” and said that she “gained so much from having [Sophie] as a sister”—though we must say, Sophie’s lucky to have a sister as amazing and compassionate as Ellie, too!