Beyoncé Has A Strict
New Work Schedule Now
That She's A Mom


Now that Beyoncé is a mom to little Blue Ivy she won't work any more crazy hours, the star's longtime choreographer Chris Grant has revealed to In Touch.

Grant says that since becoming a mother Beyoncé has been extra strict about making sure she's home at night.

"If she’s in rehearsal, we have a time frame, and we stick to that time frame. There’s really no over time. It’s rehearsal. She can’t rehearse at night now, because she’s a mother. She wants to be home with her child," says Grant.

"And we stand by it. We just make sure that we get everything in and we do our jobs, so she’s able to get home at a decent time."

She even brings Blue Ivy to rehearsals so they can spend more time together.

"As soon as they walk in the room, it just makes everything else at ease," says Grant,

"You could be having a tough day and it just makes everything much better."

And ittle Blue is already picking up on her mother's moves.

"She’ll watch [Beyoncé] do some things and she’ll do it. She's already a good little dancer!" Mother and daughter spend plenty of time away from the rehearsal studio as well.

Grant has also been hard at work recentlt selecting the dancers for Beyonce's new 'Grown Woman' video through Pepsi's "Dance for a Chance" contest.

Watch the winners show Beyoncé their moves below.