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LOL: Beyoncé and
President Obama Are
the Newest
Hollywood/White House
“Couple!” A Look Back
at Other Alleged
Presidential Affairs


Looking for a last-minute gift that will help you celebrate not only Valentine’s Day, but also President’s Day?! We got you covered—thanks to an outrageous new romance rumor that has everyone from LA to Washington DC and everywhere in between laughing out loud.

Ready for this? According to European news outlets, President Barack Obama is having an affair with none other than Beyoncé.

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We’ll give you a minute to recover from a laughing fit to explain.

Obviously, the Prez and Sasha Fierce are pals—she sang at his second inauguration, and was invited to celebrate the First Lady’s birthday at the White House this year… but still—that’s not exactly grounds to assume there’s anything inappropriate happening between the two!

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In fact, we’ll give you two incredible reasons why this CAN’T be the case. 1. Michelle Obama and 2. Jay Z

When you both have catches like that, you don’t exactly run around cheating on each other!

Of course this isn’t exactly first alleged affair between an American President and a Hollywood star. Just last week, it was being reported that former President Bill Clinton was having an affair with English model Elizabeth Hurley, who promptly took to Twitter to deny the claims.

Perhaps the most famous of these affairs was between John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe—although unlike Bey and Obama and Liz and Clinton, this one is generally accepted as the truth.

The blonde bombshell’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” has become an iconic part of history—not only politically but also culturally.

Marilyn Monroe JFK

While Marilyn may have been the most salacious of JFK’s women, there have been a number of Tinseltown’s elite that alleged fallen for the commander-in-chief—such as Jayne Mansfield, Kim Novak and Angie Dickinson.