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Sorry Biebs!: Beyonce
and Jay Z Shade Justin
Bieber, Flash His
Mugshot During Live

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Beyonce and Jay Z's highly-hyped and much-anticipated On the Run tour blew the fine folks of Miami away when it opened at Sun Life Stadium earlier this week, but there's one young man who is no doubt none too happy with Bey and Jay's most recent artistic endeavor: Justin Bieber.

The Biebs, while in no way involved with the tour, apparently makes one very memorable cameo during the set when his mugshot is flashed on a background screen during Mr. Z's performance of “H to the Izzo." Also, according to one audience member, Beyonce commented on the mugshot, saying; “Even the greatest can fall.”

Beyonce Justin Bieber

On a positive note, Justin was in good company, as the screen also flashed the mugshots of celebs including Tupac Shakur, Bill Gates, 50 Cent and Russell Brand, to name a few.

Justin Bieber Mugshot

The forever outspoken Biebs has yet to comment on the situation, but we have no doubt he'll soon light up his social media accounts with his musings on what went down.

Do we think Justin would ever dare to take on Queen Beyonce?