Kim kardashian pregnant bethenny frankel

Bethenny Frankel Talks
Pregnant Kim
Kardashian: Being
Scrutinized is "The
Best Thing For Her"


Bethenny Frankel knows what it’s like to live life in the public eye, and today, she opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about a fellow A-lister who’s been catching flack as of late— pregnant Kim Kardashian.

While touching upon the topics she might discuss on her new show (starting September 9), Bethenny opened up about Kim and the criticism she’s been receiving for her weight gain— over 60 pounds throughout the course of her pregnancy.

“She gets scrutinized for everything but I think it’s the first time she’s really relatable,” Bethenny says of the star. “And we all think of her as ‘Oh she’s a woman like us, too.’ Not just on some pedestal that’s always perfect. So I think it’s the best thing for her, but I don’t think she necessarily sees it that way. But she will.”

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Kim, who’s been very vocal about her problems adjusting to pregnancy—calling herself “heavy” and claiming shes been in “a lot of pain everywhere”— is due with Kanye West’s baby girl in July. “I was waiting for this amazing experience where I could just do whatever I want and eat whatever I want and it hasn't been that way,” Kim recently confessed.

But Bethenny stands by her claim that all of the mudslinging is for the best, as it brings the ultra-famous star down to earth a bit.

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“I actually think it’s interesting that it’s probably the worst time in her life, aside from being pregnant— being so scrutinized— but I think it’s the first time she’s really relatable,” the Skinnygirl entrepreneur says.

Check out the video below to see Bethenny discuss Kim’s pregnancy with Ellen: