Jessica simpson baby maxwell

Jessica Simpson Brings
Her "Little Munchkin"
Baby Maxwell to
'Fashion Star'

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson can’t get enough of her precious little girl!

Jess took to her website on March 15 to post a new video featuring baby Maxwell. “Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from tonight's Fashion Star episode!” she wrote.

The video shows Jess getting her hair and makeup done before hitting the stage on the NBC series, where she's a mentor. But the busy mom still has time to spend time with Maxi: In the middle of all the action, Jessica brought her little one out to show her off to the backstage crowd!

“Isn’t she cute,” the proud mom says, “she’s my little munchkin.” Clearly everyone agreed — Maxwell, who's now 10 months old, had a lot of fans who couldn’t get over just how cute she was.

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Between her adorable cheeks and beautiful wide eyes, it's clear the cutie pie will grow up to be just as gorgeous as her stylish mom!

And she isn’t the only family member who made an appearance! Jessica’s fiancĂ©, Eric Johnson, made a cameo as well. The couple, who have been engaged since November 2010, can be seen fawning over their daughter together. Dad even sneaks in a sweet kiss on Maxwell’s cheek!

Soon they'll have another baby to smooch — a boy at that. The hilarious star accidentally revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that the couple are expecting a son. “The crazy thing is I never knew a wiener could make me nauseous,” the 32-year-old said about her morning sickness. “Well, I guess I just told the world that I’m having a boy!”

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We bet their bouncing baby boy will be just as cute as his adorable big sister! Check out the video here.