Blue ivy carter harper beckham

Battle of the Babies:
Who Was 2013’s Top
Girl? Blue Ivy Carter
or Harper Seven


This year was pretty huge for celebrity babies.

The United Kingdom got their Royal Baby, and Americans got their own in the form of North West, daughter or Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Beyoncé Receives Backlash Over Her Latest Instagram Pic

Still, no one can argue that there are more powerful babies than Harper Beckham, daughter of David and Victoria Beckham, and Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z.

The two girls have a lot in common… both of their moms are breakout stars of their respective 90s girl groups, both of their middle names are inspired by numbers, both have killer taste in shoes… and both make us squeal with absolute joy whenever we see them!

But still, there can only be one champion… so, who was the top baby of 2013?When Beyoncé dropped her unannounced, visual album there was one surprise that fans were extra excited about—a track, and music video, featuring Blue!

Harper, on the other hand, made heads turn when she sat first row at mom Victoria’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

Winner: Harper. Seriously, anyone who make Anna Wintour smile like that is seriously talented.

Most Popular … On The Internet

Whenever Bey or Jay post something about Blue, the Internet seems to go wild; case in point, this picture—that doesn’t even show her face—got half a million Instagram likes. It could be any baby, for all we know!

Harper has collected quite a following of her own; most notably, fashion blogs dedicated to tracking the toddler’s designer labels.

Winner: Blue. Did we mention that one time a picture of “Blue’s” toe got almost 500,000 likes?When Drake released album art for his latest album, “Nothing Was the Same,” the Internet went abuzz with rumors that it was a picture of Blue on the front. In reality, it’s a childhood photo of Drizzy.

According to reports out of the UK, there’s a baby impersonator who earns 2,000 British pounds pretending to be baby Harper.

Winner: Harper. Seriously, read the last sentence we just wroteBlue tends to wear custom duds that are seriously adorable. Plus, Mom has a penchant for buying mini versions of items she buys herself.

Whereas Harper’s mom is a noted designer and fashionista, so it’s no surprise that Harper’s wardrobe is so extensive and “ridiculous” that Dad has joked that he’s glad he got a two-year contract in Los Angeles.

Winner: Blue. C’MON! You do see those tiny baby Timeberlinds, right?

Biggest Daddy’s Girl

In case you ever needed proof about how much Jay loves his little girl, you can listen to one of the many tracks he’s written about her, such as “Blue,” “Glory,” and “Heaven.” In an interview with Vanity Fair, he made it clear that the love is mutual, calling Blue his “biggest fan."

After having three boys, it’s clear that David can’t get enough of his little princess! In a recent interview with The Sun, he revealed his secret plan to keep the boys away from Harper—by locking her up like Repunzel!

Winner: Both. Seriously, we can’t get enough!

The verdict? It’s a ridiculously adorable tie! Who do you think will rule in 2014, Harper or Blue?