The hunger games barbara walters

Barbara Walters'
'Hunger Games'
Screening Fail: Talk
Show Host Needed
Assistants to Explain
the Movie to Her


Looks like Barbara Walters didn't read the Hunger Games books!

The 84-year-old TV legend recently scored tickets to an exclusive pre-premiere screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the hotly anticipated sequel to last year's movie. But a source tells the New York Daily News that the host of The View brought not just one but four assistants with her to the screening, annoying the reviewers and fans who were eager to see the movie.

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"She was so rude and entitled," the source says. "During the movie she talked through the entire thing with one assistant." Reportedly, Barbara kept asking what was going on in the movie and who the actors were, at one point even asking "Is that Jennifer Lawrence?" Jennifer plays Katniss Everdeen, the main character and heroine of the series. "She couldn’t understand any of the plot twists and would ask ‘What’s going on?’ every five seconds. It was crazy," the source continued.

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Barbara isn't the only A-list celebrity taking heat for bad behavior during a film screening. Last month, Madonna was kicked out of an NYC movie theater when she refused to stop texting during a screening of 12 Years a Slave. On top of that, the theater is part of a chain whose owner said he is banning the Material Girl for life unless she apologizes.