Juan pablo r word

Here We Go Again:
Bachelor Star Juan
Pablo Galavis Uses the
Word “R*tard,” Defends
Insensitive Joke


Juan Pablo Galavis has once again come under fire for being insensitive.

On March 6, the Bachelor star retweeted a fan who shared a joke that included a line that made fun of people with intellectual disabilities. When fans blasted him for using the word “r*tard,” he justified his actions by blaming the language barrier and a “cultural difference.”

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The original joke read: “Not every flower can save love, but a rose can. Not every plant survives thirst, but a cactus can. Not every r*tard can read, but look at you go, little buddy!”

Juan Pablo retweeted the fan, and wrote “JAJAJAJAJA LOVED IT…” The 32-year-old has since deleted the message.

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Once fans slammed the Venezuela native for using a derogatory term on social media, he defended his action—deeming it a misunderstanding because of the cultural difference.

“People, try to be HAPPY and enjoy JOKES and SARCASM,” he wrote. “In Venezuela the R word is USED commonly and by no means is to offend anyone.”

He added the hashtags “#Relax”, “#DifferentCulture” and “Respect”.

When one fan called him out—telling him he’s on an American-based show and that the term is considered a slur in the states—he replied, “I’m Venezuelan and Twitter is WORLDWIDE.”

Despite his ignorance on the subject, the former soccer pro continued to take the opportunity to tell people who were insulted by the use of the word to be more open minded.

“Some people need to TRAVEL and get around the WORLD,” he wrote. “The US is a GREAT country but there is a LOT out there.”

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This isn’t the first time the single dad has landed in hot water because of insensitive language.

In January, he came under fire after saying there shouldn’t be a gay Bachelor because homosexuals are more “perverted in a sense” adding he doesn’t “think it is a good example for kids to watch that on TV.”

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He later apologized—again blaming the language barrier.

“Everyone knows English is my second language and my vocabulary is not as broad as it is in Spanish,” he wrote on Facebook, apologizing for the miscommunication. “Because of this, sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself.”