Aubrey oday dogs election day

Aubrey O'Day Gives Her
Dogs Political
Makeovers For Election

Twitter: Aubrey O'Day

Over the past few months, stars have been making bold style statements to showcase their support for their Presidential candidates of choice— and now celebrity dogs want in on the action!

Katy Perry rocked a dress designed to look like a ballot, Beyoncé repped the current man-in-charge by wearing gold Obama earrings, and some A-listers have even fashioned their fingers in political nail art.

But while celebs have pranced around in apparel sponsoring Mitt and Barack, bona fide democrat and former Celebrity Apprentice star Aubrey O’Day decided to give her pooches the ultimate election day makeover instead.

“My lil angel getting political outside the booth! ‪#IBark4Obama,” the star tweeted along with a pic of her pup in a custom-made “I Bark 4 Obama” t-shirt and matching red and blue hair ties.

Shortly after casting her vote, the 28-year-old tweeted again— this time sharing a photo of her other pooch wearing a red, white and blue bow, and rocking sunglasses with an “I Voted” sticker plastered on the lens.

It’s safe to say Aubrey’s stylish dogs definitely put their best paws forward today, both in fashion and in patriotism... and we dig it.

“My fur babies r spreadin the word 2 their dog hommies while mamma handles biz!” she said to over 1 million fans. “Its so great to witness all the pics of people's ‪#IVoted stickers- it's ON!”