Breaking bad anthony hopkins

Anthony Hopkins Pens
Glowing Letter to
Breaking Bad


Three Emmys, record-breaking audiences and now a glowing review from an Oscar-winning actor - what more could the cast and crew of Breaking Bad ask for?

The latest celebrity to profess their love for AMC's hit show is none other than Silence Of The Lambs actor Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Ending last month after five seasons, the 75-year-old is a latecomer to the Breaking Bad obsession. But after binge watching the entire series, he felt compelled to pen a glowing letter of admiration to Bryan Cranston, who plays fallen hero Walter White.

The fan letter first appeared on the Facebook page of Steven Michael Quezada, who plays DEA sidekick Steve Gomez on the show, but was deleted after it went viral.

Fan Places Obituary in Local Paper for Breaking Bad's Walter White

But since then Hopkins' publicist Arnold Robinson confirmed to the Today show the letter was in fact real and written by the veteran actor after he was blown away by the series.

"I have never watched anything like it. Brilliant!" he wrote. "Your Walter White was the best acting I have seen - ever. I know there is so much smoke blowing in this business, and I've sort of lost belief in anything really. But this work of yours is spectacular—absolutely stunning. 

"What is extraordinary, is the sheer power of everyone in the entire production. What was it? Five or six years in the making?' he continues. 

'How the producers (yourself being one of them), the writers, directors, cinematographers...every department - casting etc. managed to keep the discipline and control from beginning to the end is (that over-used word) awesome.

"From what started as a black comedy, descended into a labyrinth of blood, destruction and hell. It was like a great Jacobean, Shakespearian or Greek Tragedy."

Life After Breaking Bad

He then asks that Cranston pass on his gushing words to the rest of the cast for their "master classes of performance" before signing off.

"Thank you," he writes. "That kind of work/artistry is rare, and when, once in a while, it occurs, as in this epic work, it restores confidence.

"You and all the cast are the best actors I've ever seen."

Wow! Strong praise for the Breaking Bad cast. Do you agree that Bryan Cranston's depiction of Walter White is the best acting ever? Let us know in the comments below.