Angelina in and out of


Angelina Jolie surprised everyone by showing up at the Syrian-Iraq border on Monday to visit the refugee camps, where she spoke to some of the 1,200 refugees stranded there and inspected the camp's medical and hygiene facilities. "I have come to Syria and Iraq to help draw attention to this humanitarian crisis and to urge governments to increase their support for UNHCR and its partners," said Angelina, who is a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. "I didn't recognize her right away, but after she was introduced as Angelina Jolie, I remembered a little, from some of her movies," said refugee Qusai Mohammed Saleh. "She did not like the tragic situation and said, 'We will make an effort to resolve your situation.'" Angelina left the area today, according to UNHCR officials.