Amanda bynes w pot

Amanda Bynes Used to
Smoke Pot in Lobby of
W Hotel as Nightmare


Before moving into her current apartment, Amanda Bynes was living in the posh W New York hotel in Times Square.

While at the W, Amanda, 27, smoked pot in her room and in the common areas of the hotel and stripped down to her underwear in the gym, according to a hotel employee.
During her stay at the hotel, she more or less went unrecognized — but not unnoticed — by the other guests. She kept to herself and rarely engaged in conversation with anyone else.
But she didn’t exactly keep a low profile.
"She'd come down to the bar or lobby wearing a different wig each day. She'd even apply her makeup right there in the lobby with everyone around. Also, often she'd just light up a joint like it was no big deal — people noticed, but no one really knew how to react. She wasn't making any effort to keep it a secret. It was like she wanted to be noticed and get caught — I truly think it was like a cry for help," the employee tells In Touch.
Though Amanda has said she doesn't smoke pot, the employee claims Amanda was reprimanded by hotel staff for smoking pot in her room. In what seemed like a way to avoid another warning — or eviction — she stopped smoking weed in her room and instead smoked in the hallway, lobby, bar and gym.
"Her solution to not smoking weed in her room was to smoke it everywhere else — hallways, lobby, elevator, you name it. A staff member once found her curled up in the corner of the gym, getting high alone — with no pants on! There were a few other people in the gym working out, she didn't seem to care or notice what people were thinking about her. She had underwear on, but no pants," the staffer says.
Adds the staffer, "Out of nowhere she walked up to an ambassador [hotel employee] and said, 'You have the ugliest face.' It was shocking!” 
The staffer was unsure why Amanda checked out of the hotel, but did say that it happened quite abruptly and that some employees were relieved to see her go.
"We literally celebrated when she checked out. It was a huge relief. She wasn't kicked out, but she had definitely overstayed her welcome. I can't imagine she'll be back," the staffer adds. 
Not surprisingly, she left her room in disarray upon checking out.
"Her room was a mess. Stuff everywhere, like empty Chinese-food takeout boxes. She left behind a ton of her stuff, including her MacBook," the employee says.