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Amanda Bynes’ Twisted


Despite Amanda Bynes’ claims that she’s “not crazy,” the star has been exhibiting some very bizarre behavior that tells a different story.

On top of her recent drug-related arrest, the former actress has been showing signs of obsessive behavior, and Dr. Damon Raskin, a psychologist who has not treated the Easy A star is concerned. “It’s urgent that she gets medical care,” he says, “so that she gets the right type of diagnosis and the right treatment.”

Check out some of Amanda’s recent fixations and what they may mean:

Ugly vs. Pretty: Amanda is obsessed with appearance. After telling In Touch in April, “I only have hot friends,” she’s taken to twitter to bash stars including Chrissy Teigen (“an old ugly model”) and her Love Wrecked co-star Lance Bass (“an ugly ex boy band member with no talent”). But her victims shouldn’t take it personally, says psychologist Dr. Julie Armstrong, who doesn’t treat Amanda. Not only is she insecure, but “her focus and thinking are so narrowed at this point that she has to use the same language over and over again.”

Body Image: An already slim Amanda tells In Touch she wants to lose 35 pounds. Since the 5-foot-8 star only weighs about 115 pounds, that “could be catastrophic,” says nutrition expert Christine Bullock. She’s also on a plastic surgery kick, announcing that she’s gotten another nose job.

Graphic Sex: Between posting topless photos of herself, tweeting that she wanted rapper Drake to “murder” her genitals and claiming an officer “slapped my vagina” during her May 23 arrest (an NYPD internal investigation found the claim had no merit), Amanda has been focused on sex. “I see hyper-sexuality as a common feature of people who are going through a manic stage of bipolar disorder,” explains Dr. Raskin.

For more on Amanda's obsessions and her questionable mental state, pick up the latest issue of In Touch— on newsstands now!