Amanda bynes 3

Amanda Bynes Tries to
Wash Her Dog in a
Liquor Store Bathroom

Yesterday, troubled actress Amanda Bynes set fire to the driveway of a woman in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Soon after the incident, she was picked up by police and taken to the hospital, where she is currently under a 5150 involuntary mental health hold.

EXCLUSIVE: Homeowner Speaks Out on Amanda Bynes Setting Fire to Her Driveway: "I Think She Was High On Something"

However, between the fire and the hospital, something else happened. Amanda took her pomeranian dog to a liquor store, where she tried to wash the dog in the bathroom sink. Apparently the dog got covered in gasoline while Amanda was setting the fire. An employee of the store saw Amanda going into a restricted part of the store (where the sink was) and confronted her, causing the Hairspray actress to "freak out" and leave.

Before heading to California, Amanda was staying in a posh NYC hotel, where she was booted out for smoking weed in her room and insulting a receptionist.

Amanda Bynes Placed Under 5150 Mental Health Hold in Hospital

TMZ has video of Amanda in the liquor store, complete with crazy wig and long-suffering dog.



Currently, there's no word on where the dog is while his or her owner is in the hospital.