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Amanda Bynes Makes
Laughable New Twitter


Amanda Bynes is giving fans something to laugh about.

The star, who recently resurfaced on twitter, is claiming that she is the creator of the popular web acronyms LOL (short for 'laughing out loud') and ILY (short for 'I love you').

“I created the phrase Ily & lololol. *proud*” she tweeted to her almost 300,000 followers.

“Lololol”— the exact slang Amanda calls her own— is an extension of “LOL” where extra –“OL”s are added onto the original phrase for extra emphasis.

NEWS: Amanda Bynes Resurfaces on Twitter

Records from the BBC News claim that “the oldest written record of the use of LOL in the contemporary meaning of "Laughing Out Loud" was from a message typed by Wayne Pearson in the 1980s, from the archives of Usenet.”

The 26-year-old “retired actress” was born in 1986, which means she must have “created” those acronyms by her fourth birthday— an unlikely scenario considering most 4-year-olds are just learning to write their names.

Amanda’s odd claim comes on the heels of a drastic new makeover, which she debuted on twitter. First, she showed off a new cheek piercing in January. In February, she showed off another cheek piercing on the other side of her face, and in early March, the Hairspray actress added to her new look by sporting long, curly blonde extensions.

PHOTO: Amanda Bynes Debuts Makeover on Twitter

Since Amanda’s hit-and-run charges were dismissed in December, she’s been very active on the Internet — tweeting everything from her snacks and workouts to selfie shots.

We can’t wait to see what she’ll tweet next…LOL.