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Amanda Bynes might have went tanning before posting a new photo of herself on Twitter, but nothing could cover-up that amazing glow she unleashed!

On Friday, the 27-year-old actress shared pics on her Twitter account from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Debut Runway Show in L.A. “#FIDMDEBUT,” she captioned a pic with her mom Lynn and dad Rick Bynes.

Wearing beige silk pants and a black tank top, Amanda also posed with an older gentleman named Mike. “One of my favorite people!” she said (adding a smiley face).

Amanda Bynes Selfie with Mom

Bynes takes a selfie with her mom during the show, captioning the pic, “Xoxo.”

On March 1, Bynes updated everyone on her life post-rehab. “Hi everyone! I’m busy studying at @FIDM but I want to say I love you to my fans! Xoxo Amanda,” she tweeted.

The former Nickelodeon star has reportedly been taking classes at the school’s Orange County campus since the beginning of January.

Hashtag OMG: Amanda Bynes Sends Out First Tweet After Leaving Rehab, Sends Love to Fans

Since she left the L.A. rehab facility in December, Bynes has been living with her parents at their Thousand Oaks home where Lynn has become Amanda’s conservator.

"Good job, Mrs. Bynes. Well done,” a judge congratulated Lynn at the Feb.11 court hearing.