Amanda bynes conservatorship

Amanda Bynes' Doctors
Given Emergency


TMZ reports that troubled actress Amanda Bynes will not be at today’s scheduled court hearing.

A week after a judge denied her lawyer’s request for Amanda to leave the hospital, the 27-year-old starlet, under doctor’s orders, has just been placed under an extended, 30-day psychiatric hold.

According to TMZ, Amanda’s doctors have decided she is “not well enough” to leave the California facility she is being treated at to attend the conservatorship hearing.
Her parents, Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ, who are currently seeking a conservatorship over their daughter, Amanda’s parents, Rick Bynes and Lynn Organ, will still seek the temporary conservatorship because it stays effective until Sept. 30.

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Sources say “doctors went to a judge who traveled to the hospital to conduct an emergency hearing. The judge granted the doctors’ request, and extended Amanda’s psych hold for 30 days.”

This kind of action is only taken if a person is “gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder.”