Amanda Bynes Claims Police Sexually Harassed Her

Despite being taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, Amanda tells In Touch, “I’m not crazy.”

Despite being taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, Amanda tells In Touch, “I’m not crazy.”


Oh, dear. Amanda Bynes is now claiming that the police who arrested her at her NYC apartment on May 23 sexually harassed her.

In a long, rambling Tweet the troubled star tried to explain her version of the events that took place on Thursday night, after a doorman in her building called police and claimed that she was smoking a joint in the building’s lobby.

“Don't believe the reports about me being arrested. It's all lies,” the 27-year-old told her Twitter followers. “I was sexually harassed by one of the cops the night before last which is who then arrested me. He lied and said I threw a bong out the window when I opened the window for fresh air. Hilarious. He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal. I then called the cops on him. He handcuffed me, which I resisted, quite unlike any of the reports stated. Then I was sent to a mental hospital. Offensive. I kept asking for my lawyer but they wouldn't let me. The cops were creepy. The cop sexually harassed me, they found no pot on me or bong outside my window. That's why the judge let me go. Don't believe any reports.”

As In Touch reported exclusively, Amanda did call 911 on Thursday night saying cops were going to assault her. According to TMZ, Amanda’s attorney said yesterday that the Easy A star was seeking to file a complaint against the NYPD for “inappropriate actions” by the police department, but gave no further details.

Amanda Bynes: “I Don’t Drink or Do Drugs!"

Police claim they entered Amanda’s apartment, which was filled with smoke and drug paraphernalia, and when one of the officers spotted a foot-high bong on the kitchen counter, Amanda allegedly threw it out a window of her high-rise apartment. She was then handcuffed and charged with reckless endangerment, attempted evidence tampering and possession of marijuana before being taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Amanda Bynes a Mess in Court After Arrest

Amanda was held in jail overnight and appeared in court on Friday morning wearing an ill-fitting long blond wig. Amanda told the judge that the bong the police said she threw out the window was “just a vase.” She was released without bail but warned that she would be arrested if she misses her court date on July 9.

In this week’s issue of In Touch, a photographer who spent time in Amanda’s sparsely furnished apartment during an all-night party reveals exclusively that the She’s The Man star had marijuana all over her apartment. Despite her claims that she doesn’t drink or do drugs, “Joe” as the photographer wants to be called, says Amanda “had at least a dozen hand-rolled joints on her” and he was “amazed by how much weed [Amanda] smokes and she doesn’t really ever slow down from it!”

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