Amanda bynes bong tossing case

Amanda Bynes' Bong
Tossing Case To Be
Dismissed, Pending


It appears Amanda Bynes' troubled past may almost be behind her. 

A source from the Manhattan DA's office tells In Touch Weekly that the actress’s infamous "bong-tossing" case will be dismissed if she continues counseling twice a week for six months.

Amanda Bynes Working on Relationship With Her Parents!

The judge agreed to the adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, which means as long as Bynes attends counseling and stays out of trouble, she wont be found guilty and the charges will be dropped. 

Back in May, NYPD officers were called to Amanda’s apartment building after reports of a disturbance. The troubled starlet was later accused of throwing a glass bong, which allegedly contained evidence of pot, out of her midtown Manhattan high-rise apartment. She was ultimately evicted from her luxury digs.

Amanda: “I’m Doing Well” After Leaving Rehab!

The former child star has since been hospitalized and later spent months in rehab following a separate arson incident in Thousand Oaks, CA in which she set a residential driveway on fire.

Amanda was released to her family shortly after Thanksgiving.  During the holidays, she was spotted around their neighborhood shopping and walking around with her parents.

A Legal Update From Amanda Bynes’ Lawyer

The case will be heard again on June 30, provided she stays out of trouble, it could be the end of this New York court mess. Amanda did not appear in court on Friday morning.