Amanda bynes arrested

Amanda Bynes ARRESTED
and Taken For
Psychiatric Evaluation


Amanda Bynes has been ARRESTED!

Police officers were called to the star’s New York City apartment on Thursday night after receiving a report of a disorderly person.  
Upon their arrival, Amanda, 27, allegedly threw a bong out of the window and was immediately arrested for reckless endangerment, before being taken to Roosevelt hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Some reports claim that marijuana was found in her apartment, and that she was also booked for criminal posession of pot and tampering with evidence.
Following her evaluation, the She’s The Man actress will be taken to a Midtown police station to be processed.
And Amanda, whose erratic behavior has landed her in the spotlight during the past several months, is no stranger to handcuffs. 
In fact, she’s currently on probation for driving with a suspended license— a plea deal that was settled earlier this month in California. On top of that, the former child star also has a DUI case pending in Beverly Hills. 
As In Touch reported in this week’s issue, the star’s behavior has become more troubling than ever following months of increasingly bizarre antics, including reports that the star was seen smoking pantless in in a hotel gym and walked around naked in a tanning salon. 
So could drugs be to blame? 
A photographer who recently partied at Amanda's pad tells the mag— on newsstands now— that there was no shortage of pot in her home. “Weed was everywhere,” he tells In Touch. “On the bed, all over the floor."
But Amanda denies that she uses, telling In Touch: “I don’t smoke pot. I smoke tobacco,” adding that sometimes people bring drugs to her apartment, “but I don’t do them.” 
There's no telling what this means for the "retired actress," but there's one thing we do know: it's going to be hard for her to tweet from jail.