Alec baldwin

Alec Baldwin Deletes
His Twitter Account
(Again) After
Expletive-Filled Rant


Alec Baldwin has lost his temper again. The 30 Rock star went on an angry, foul-mouthed, homophobic rant yesterday against a reporter who claimed his wife, Hilaria Thomas, was Tweeting from James Gandolfini's funeral. And then he deleted his Twitter account. Again.

A reporter for the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK claimed that Alec's pregnant wife had Tweeted about Rachel Ray and anniversary gifts during the Soprano star's funeral in NYC, and that set the 55-year-old star off.

"My wife DID NOT use her phone, in any capacity, at our friends funeral," he Tweeted, claiming that they'd left the church early because Hilaria was feeling faint.

Calling the reporter a "toxic little queen," Alec threatened to physically harm him: "I'm going to f***…you…up." He fumed.

But the abuse didn't end there. He continued to angrily Tweet for the next few minutes, even calling for his followers to "straighten" the reporter out.

And then he deleted his account.

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It's not the first time Alec has lost his temper. He had two altercations with paparazzi last year and admitted in a Vanity Fair interview last July that he wanted to physically harm TMZ boss Harvey Levin after he aired some vicious voicemails Alec left for his daughter, Ireland, back in 2007.

"I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking in my eyes," Alec admitted.

Alrighty then.

Hilaria, a yoga instructor, tried to diffuse the situation yesterday, saying that she didn't believe in bringing phones into a funeral. "My husband fights for me fiercely," she Tweeted. "It hurts to be misunderstood and it hurts to see your loved one in pain-even more so when she is pregnant."

Other bloggers claimed that the Daily Mail reporter (who is based on the West Coast) misread the time stamps on Hilaria's original Tweets, which were sent from the East Coast.

But Alec's outburst worried a lot of people. "Scariest thing about Alec Baldwin: This goon is about to be a father again," wrote conservative blogger Michelle Malkin.

He has deleted his Twitter account twice before – in December 2011 after getting into an argument with American Airlines over his refusal to stop playing Words With Friends onboard a plane, and again shortly after marrying Hilaria last June.