Adam sandler drew barrymore the tonight show

WATCH: Adam Sandler
Sings About Drew
Barrymore’s Boobs on
‘The Tonight Show’ –
and It’s the Greatest
Thing We’ve Seen All


Hollywood’s favorite onscreen couple got together for a little bit of magic on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night.

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler stopped by to promote their latest film collaboration, Blended, due out in theaters May 23.

Jimmy pointed out how they’ve worked together before, highlighting their 1998 flick The Wedding Singer and 2004’s 50 First Dates.

After calling them a “great romantic comedy couple,” Drew joked about her working relationship with Adam.

“Every 10 years, we get to fall in love again,” she said. (Can we talk about how sweet her growing tummy looked in that floral sweater?)

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“We have a lot of fun together,” added Adam, who was very casual look for the event (we don’t expect anything less).

Jimmy then asked if they’d like to “express those feelings in song,” as he pulled out a guitar.

The trio then took center stage to sing the “Every 10 Years” song.

With the host on guitar, Drew began the tune, “Every 10 years, I promise to love you…”

Adam chimed in, “I’ll always be true even as we get older…”

The couple went back and forth about their history of romantic comedies, and, of course, made the audience laugh with their hilarious lyrics.

“You’re the Rob Ford to my crack cocaine,” the father-of-two said, referencing the mayor of Toronto’s drug habit.

He then questioned Drew if he’s been better than all of her movie husbands, including Hugh Grant and Ben Stiller.

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But when he asked about Jimmy, the pregnant starlet, who’s already mom to 17-month-old daughter Olive, sang, “You both have great qualities” – and the former Saturday Night Live star was more than happy with her response.

One of the funniest moments took place when Adam told Drew, “I will still love you when your boobs touch the floor.”

“So right now?” she said, as the crowd erupted into laughter.

Adam ends the bit by singing a part from his famous song “Grow Old With You” from their movie The Wedding Singer.

The vocals are pretty horrendous, but the moment is nothing short of memorable.

And now we can’t freakin’ wait until May 23!