Adam levine honey boo boo

Adam Levine Bashes
'Here Comes Honey Boo
Boo': 'They're Just
The Worst'


Don’t expect Honey Boo Boo to try out for The Voice any time soon… because if she did, she wouldn’t get through!

The talent show's coach Adam Levine recently confessed how he really feels about America’s favorite pageant queen Alana Thompson and her TLC show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo— but what he had to say wasn’t so sweet.

"Seriously, Honey Boo Boo is the decay of Western civilization,” Adam said of the famous 7-year-old’s television show. “Just because so many people watch the show doesn't mean it's good. So many people witness atrocities and can't take their eyes away from them, but that doesn't mean they're good. That show is literally The. Worst. Thing. That's. Ever. Happened."

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And while the 33-year-old isn’t a fan of the famous redneck clan, there are plenty of celebs who can’t get enough of Honey Boo Boo and her family. Miley Cyrus, Anderson Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and plenty of other A-listers have all professed their love for the TLC hit program.

"Every day at lunch our writers take a little break and watch a TV show, and most times it's Honey Boo Boo," 30 Rock star Tina Fey recently admitted of her NBC crew. But she's not the only one from one of TLC's comeptitor networks to love Alana. Journalist and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has admitted to having a life-size cut out of Honey Boo Boo Child in his dressing room!

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Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Adam will be changing his mind any time soon about his stance on Boo Boo.

The Maroon 5 frontman continued on his rant about the reality stars, calling the show “complete ignorance" and “the most despicable way to treat your kids.” Calling the entire cast of the show “idiots,” he sprinkled in some expletives and concluded with, “They're just the worst. Sorry, I'm so sensitive to that -- like, I don't know, man, it's upsetting.”