Dave coulier

Actor Dave Coulier
Talks ‘Full House,’
Weird Fans and More!

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Whatever happened to predictability?

It’s been 18 years since the lovable characters of Full House brought their unusual lifestyle and heartwarming lessons into our lives every week.

A lot has changed for actor Dave Coulier—also known as Joey Gladstone; he lost the mullet, but there are some things he kept from his Full House Days.

Mashable caught up with this old familiar friend—who, much to our disappointment, wasn’t waiting just around the bend.

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Dave, 53, said that he wished he kept some of the “awful” shirts he wore on the hit sitcom, but he did get to keep one cool piece of memorabilia—Mr. Woodchuck, his puppet co-star!

Unfortunately, things haven’t exactly gone so smoothly for Mr. Woodchuck.

“I do have Mr. Woodchuck, but I will tell you my dog ate his face off,” he revealed to Mashable, explaining that when his yellow lab, Ranger, was a puppy he would growl at the puppet.

“So one day I came home and I walked in the front door and I saw Mr. Woodchuck's eye and a bunch of foam on the floor and my dog had basically eaten his face,” he said.

Dave also explained that he’s had some unusual fan interactions over the years.

For example, he was once greeted at an airport gate by a fan with roses, who revealed that she worked for the airline and saw that he was on the flight when she was scanning the flights.

“Then she said, ‘please don’t tell anyone that I did this, I’ll lose my job,’” he explained. “And I thought, ‘Yeah, probably.’ So I never told anyone.”

Until now, of course. Oops!