Justin bieber denied

Access Denied! Justin
Bieber Denied Entrance
to Several Super Bowl
Parties In New York
City This Weekend


This weekend, Justin Bieber heard a word that he doesn’t hear often: No.

The 19-year-old bad boy was in New York City for the Super Bowl with plans to party—but according to a source, Justin was turned away from several events on Friday night, Jan. 31!

Justin Bieber Parties With His Dad In New York City

“Before arriving at the Maxim Party in the early hours of Saturday, Feb. 1, Justin Bieber and his entourage were turned away from three different parties,” a source told In Touch.

Let’s just say that wasn’t the only time Justin got denied that weekend! On his way into the States, from Canada, Justin’s private plane was held at Teterboro Airport and searched on suspicion that marijuana was on board.

Justin’s Plane Searched For Marijuana

Ultimately, no drugs were found and Justin was free to party—once he was able to gain access, that is .

“I heard they tried to get into Leather and Laces, ESPN and one other party before he was finally allowed into Maxim,” the source added.

A fellow partygoer at the Maxim Party, which was catered by Philippe by Philippe Chow, observed Justin and his father, Jeremy, and noted that the “Baby” singer was clearly in a bad mood—despite being on his best behavior earlier in the night.

“Justin was in a bad mood, it was obvious,” the onlooker said. “According to others, he was denied a few parties. Justin wanted to go out and not stay in from what was heard. He also hangs with a crew that loves partying and bottles. Justin was actually very behaved for the first two hours.”

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The following night, the teen heartthrob stopped by Leather & Laces party—where he skateboarded his way through the dance floor.

“Justin arrived around 3 AM and did a skateboarding stunt in the middle of the floor,” an eyewitness told In Touch. “He stayed until 5 AM. He skateboarded in the middle of the event and then skateboarded all the way back to the Four Seasons hotel.”

Wow, have you ever met someone more dedicated to partying?

If a recent DUI, getting searched by customs and being denied entrance to three parties doesn’t stop you… we don’t know what will!