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A Whole Zoo For Her
Birthday and 3 Other
Reasons Jay Z and
Beyonce's Daughter,
Blue Ivy, Is One of
the Luckiest Kids in
the World


Blue Ivy Carter is possibly the luckiest little girl in the world! The daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z got a very special gift for her second birthday - Mom and Dad rented out an entire zoo in Florida so that lil' Blue could enjoy looking at the animals all by herself. But that's not the only reason we're jealous of this insanely adorable toddler: here are three reasons why we'd trade places with her.

1. Her passport

She may only be two years old, but little Blue has already racked up some impressive stamps in her passport, including Italy and Spain. Oh, and getting to both of those places courtesy of Mom and Dad's mansion-size yacht? Not so bad either.

2. Her closet

This well-dressed tot has the coolest kiddie size clothes this side of Kingston Rossdale. And she'll only get luckier when she's big enough to raid momma's closet.

3. Her playlist

Not only do her parents make some of the world's best music, but Miss B.I. has also been the subject of some of their songs - with credit as a backup vocalist, of course.