8 Signs You’re Obsessed With Bruno Mars Following His Incredible Half Time Performance at Super Bowl 2014

Bruno Mars got a lot of fans after that incredible performance!

Bruno Mars got a lot of fans after that incredible performance!


For many fans, Super Bowl 48 will go down in history as a disappointment.

The Seahawks dominated the Broncos in a 43-8 blowout, and the commercials—for the most part—didn’t live up to the hype for many viewers.

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But there was one winner that all fans could agree on—Bruno Mars!

The 28-year-old Grammy winner performed alongside the Red Hot Chili Peppers and gave one of the best halftime shows in recent memories.

The Seahawks may have taken home the trophy, but Bruno was the real winner as far as we’re concerned! Count us in, #Hooligans, we’re joining you! Here are eight signs you’re officially a Bruno fan after last night’s performance.

1. You fell asleep watching his dance moves.

So. Hypnotizing.

2. You woke up and downloaded all his music

“Doo-Wops & Hooligans” and “Unorthodox Jukebox” are officially on repeat, indefinitely.

3. You emailed your boss and asked if a metallic blazer counts as “business attire.”

It’s a blazer, so it’s fair game, right?

4. You just rearranged your plans to have a pirate-themed party.

Not only is that a really good excuse to play “Treasure” non-stop, but you can also wear your gold blazer again! “Treasure, that is what you are/You’re my golden star.”

5. You just signed up for drum lessons.

WHO KNEW HE COULD DO THAT?! We want to do that, too.

6. You adapted the line, “your sex takes me to paradise” in the bedroom.

But you’re not really pulling it off. It’s okay, we can’t all be Bruno.

7. You just wrote out the lyrics to “Just The Way You Are” as a Valentine’s Card for your significant other.

Still, you remembered Valentine’s Day almost two weeks in advanced… so you have that going for you.

8. You just bought a pair of leggings… And you’re a dude.

Listen, if Anthony Kiedis wore them and he got to jump around and rock out with Bruno, then you’re sure they’re good enough for you! 

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