Robin williams

8 Facts You Didn't
Know About the Late
Robin Williams


Robin Williams lived an extraordinary life in his 63 years in which he portrayed some of the most beloved and memorable movie and TV characters of his time.

We've gathered six interesting facts that you may not have known about the star to honor his great talent. Scroll down to read.

1. He improvised most of his lines as the Genie in Aladdin.

Robin Williams Genie GIF

According to the film's producer and director John Musker, Robin ended up improvising the approximately 70 impressions the Genie makes throughout the animated movie.

The comedian explained his take on the role on Reddit:

"Initially they came in and I was just doing the scripted lines and I asked 'Do you mind if I try something?' and then 18 hours of recording later, they had the genie. I just started playing, and they said "just go with it, go with it, go with it." So I improvised the character. I think that in the end, there were something like 40 different voices that I did for that role."

2. He also improvised his character's line about his wife farting in this well-known Good Will Hunting scene.

This improvisation caught everyone so off-guard that the cameraman's laughing caused the camera to shake during filming, which can be seen around the 1:00 mark in the video below.

3. During the filming of Schindler's List, Robin often called Steven Spielberg to tell him jokes and lift his spirits.

Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg

Steven referred to these calls as "comic care packages over the telephone."

Robin again explained his actions on Reddit:

"I think I only called him once, maybe twice. I called him when I was representing People for the Valdheimers Association. A society devoted to helping raise money to help older Germans who had forgotten everything before 1945. I remember him laughing and going 'thank you.'"

4. His favorite childhood book was "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."

Chronicles of Narnia Book Cover

He was once quoted as saying this in regards to reading this book to his three children:

"Growing up, it was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - I would read the whole C.S. Lewis series out loud to my kids. I was once reading to Zelda, and she said 'don't do any voices. Just read it as yourself.' So I did, I just read it straight, and she said 'that's better.'"

5. In high school, he was voted by his classmates as the "Least Likely To Succeed."

Robin Williams High School

During his senior year at Redwood High School in California, he was awarded both "the funniest and least likely to succeed" superlative by his class. The actor went on to win five Grammy Awards, two Emmy Awards and an Academy Award for his role in Good Will Hunting.

6. He dressed in scrubs and surprised friend Christopher Reeve in the hospital following the Superman actor's career-ending accident.

Robin Williams and Christopher Reeves

Robin and Christopher both attended The Juilliard School together and quickly became close friends. In his book, "Still Me," Christopher wrote about Robin visiting him in the hospital:

"Then, at an especially bleak moment, the door flew open and in hurried a squat fellow with a blue scrub hat and a yellow surgical gown and glasses, speaking in a Russian accent. He announced that he was my proctologist, and that he had to examine me was Robin Williams...for the first time since the accident, I laughed. My old friend had helped me know that somehow I was going to be okay."

7. He was overweight as a child and began talking in different voices to entertain himself when he didn't have anyone to play with.

Robin Williams Oscar

His uncanny impressions and ability to create unique character voices were one of the actor's defining talents that led to his successful career in both films and TV.

8. He was "the only alien who auditioned" for his breakout role in Mork & Mindy.

Mork & Mindy

During his audition for the role of Mork from Ork on Mork & Mindy producer Garry Marshall told him to sit down. Without skipping a beat, Robin immediately sat on his head on the chair. Gary hired him, saying he was the only alien who auditioned.